ARTEM workshpos 2017

Advanced Training with Jerry Karzen (Hawaii) for practitioners and students in their 4th year of a program.
October 6th, 7th & 8th, 2017
Theme: Moshé Feldenkrais` FI lessons explained by Jerry Karzen

In this workshop Jerry Karzen will distill the complexity through the use of video examples, of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais giving FI lessons into understandable explanations. Jerry’s style of asking seemingly unrelated questions until students discover for themselves movement relationships, and their application to higher human function, along with some practical hands-on demonstrations, will be the modus operandi for this workshop. Jerry Karzen: is a graduate of the San Francisco training (1977), was a close friend, secretary, and travelling companion to Dr. Feldenkrais; and the person who video-taped 99% of all the Feldenkrais FI recordings. He assisted in the editing of “The Potent Self,” and the “Elusive obvious”. He was also the organizer for the Amherst Training program; he studied with Dr. Feldenkrais at the Tel-Aviv Institute from 1976 until his death in 1984. He has served as the president of the North-American Feldenkrais Guild and as the executive Director of the former Feldenkrais Foundation. He has served as the Educational Director in over 35 programs world-wide and is currently the Educational Director for programs in Brasil and Germany lake Chiemsee/Fraueninsel. He is the only American personally chosen by Dr. Feldenkrais (in 1982), to be a trainer. He lives in Maui, Hawaii.


Location: Gesundheitszentrum Chiemgau, Kaserne 1, D-83278 Traunstein.
Friday: Oct. 6th: 16.00-19.00h
Saturday: Oct: 7th: 10.00-17.00h (2h lunch-break)
Sunday: Oct: 8th: 10.00-17.00h (2h lunch-break)


Early bird: fee: 95 € a day/ 3 days 285 €. (Early bird ends on May 31, 2017)
Regular fee is: 115 € per day/ 3 days 345 €.
Minimum 2 day enrollment.
The Advanced Training is limited to 12 participants.

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Information Day. Meet the Chiemsee Training.

People who are interested in the planned ARTEM International Feldenkrais Training Chiemsee 9 are welcome to enjoy 1 free guest day in the current training, Chiemsee 7 or Chiemsee 8, to get an authentic experience of a full training day, meet with the educational director and trainer Jerry Karzen, and experience the training site.

Give us a call (++49 1714023358) or use our contactform and we can tell you when you can best visit. In the regions of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn or Munich we can schedule a personal meeting.


Venue: Abtei Frauenwörth, Fraueninsel/Chiemsee
14. October 2017
07. or 14. April 2018
12. or 20. July 2018

Information Days in Cologne
17. November 2017
08. December 2017
28. February 2018
09. March 2018
25. May 2018
06. June 2018

Introduction days free of charge!

Application is necessary - please contact us!

Please use our contact form Contact and our applicationform.
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