The Feldenkrais Training Schedule ARTEM Chiemsee 8

  Year Date Days Trainer
1. Training Year 2016 24. - 28. March 5 Jerry Karzen
  2016 21. April - 02. May 10 Jerry Karzen
  2016 15. July - 02. August 15 Julie Casson
  2016 01. - 12. October 10 Jerry Karzen
2. Training Year 2017 10. - 27. March 15 Ted Presland
  2017 17. - 28. May 10 Ulrike Apel
  2017 23. August - 10. September 15 Jerry Karzen
3. Training Year 2018 04. - 22. April 15 Ruty Bar
  2018 14. - 25. July 10 Jerry Karzen
  2018 03. - 21. October 15 Jerry Karzen
4. Training Year 2019 04. - 15. April 10 Anna Maria Capponecci
  2019 06. - 24. July 15 Jeryy Karzen
  2019 03. - 21. October 15 Jerry Karzen
    Total 160  

subject to alterations

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Feldenkrais Training Chiemsee 8 - Staff

Educational Director and Trainer Jerôme "Jerry" Karzen, Hawaii/USA
graduated in 1977 in Dr. Feldenkrais' San Francisco Feldenkrais training program.
He is a past president of the North American Feldenkrais Guild. From 1976 -84 he was Moshe Feldenkrais` personal traveling companion, secretary and close friend. He assisted him in the editing of his last two published books, and either directed, or personally videotaped almost all the tapes of Dr. Feldenkrais private Functional Integration lessons. He also organized the last training program by Dr. Feldenkrais in Amherst/USA. He was chosen personally by Dr. Feldenkrais to be a trainer in 1982 and has been the educational trainer for programs in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland) Hawaii, Brasil, and North America. He has also been a guest trainer in numerous other programs.
Jerry‘s Feldenkrais trainings are known for their informal, humorous, relaxed atmosphere. He allows a lot of latitude for personal exploration and teaches the Feldenkrais Method with the virtuosity and ease that comes with long experience. His background in philosophy and health care together with his enormous experience in somatic education opens a broad view onto the Method and its application. This creates a unique and high quality for each students personal learning process.
Jerry Karzen has been the educational director of all International Feldenkrais Trainings in the Chiemsee. He creates the format and defines the structure of the entire training program. He will teach 50-60 % of the training.



Assistant Trainer and Organization Anna Karin Engels, Cologne/Germany
Graduation in the Feldenkrais Training Program 1992/Hamburg with Jerry Karzen. Assistant trainer since 2006. Anna accompanies since 1998 all Chiemsee Training programs as experienced practitioner/assistant and organizer. Diploma in physical education/sportscience, therapist in rehabilitation and health prevention. University degree in fine arts and biology, movement theatre, Butoh dance, music and dance. Runs her own Feldenkrais and Idiolektik practice in Cologne and Lohmar for over 18 years. Develops seminars e.g. Feldenkrais & language, voice, music, performance and prevention. Supervision for students and practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method. 1992-1996 member of the BOD of the Feldenkrais Guild/Germany. Counselor for Idiolektik(communication skills) since 2000. She Practises the Feldenkrais Method with people and students of all backgrounds in life, who are curious to move, and want to become aware, to discover their ressources, and want to think in new directions.
Languages: english, german.


Training Staff of the Chiemsee 8 program: The trainers have been chosen by Jerry Karzen and will cover different aspects of the method:


Ruty Bar, Israel/Tel Aviv
Ruty Bar/Israel is a senior trainer in the Feldenkrais Method. Ruty graduated from the Rubin Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem, and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Leslie Boston University. Her Master´s Thesis was an in depth study of the mind-body connection, using the Feldenkrais Method to treat people with special needs. A Licensed Practitioner since 1988, Ruty has her own private practice for personalized lessons. She is also the educational director and teacher for several Practitioner Training Courses, in Israel, Europe, the United States, and Japan.
Language: english.



Julie Casson, San Francisco/USA
Julie Casson Rubin did her training directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, receiving her diploma from him in 1977. Julie has studied dance since age 15 and received her B.A. degree in dance and physical education from San Francisco State University. As a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method, she has worked in private practice and a variety of clinical settings including the University of California Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente's Department of Health Education. In over 35 years of practice, Julie has worked with a wide variety of clients, from professional musicians, dancers and athletes to those with chronic pain and disablity. She has been educational director of Feldenkrais Teacher Training Programs in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Chicago, Perth, Australia and Basel, Switzerland. She is co-founder of the Feldenkrais Center for Movement Education. Julie has pioneered the use of the Feldenkrais Method in medical settings through her work at the University of California’s San Francisco General Hospital's ground breaking Behavioral Medicine Clinic 1978 – 1988. Jule was instrumental in Kaiser Permanente's adoption of the Method into its Health Care Education and physical therapy programs. She and her husband Paul Rubin are the parents of four young adults.Students enjoy her smart,warmhearted and relaxed style of teaching. Julie has recorded a popular introductory series of Awareness through Movement lessons: Moving with Ease and Grace. Email for more information or to purchase this set. *GCFP/T-Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS® PractitionerCM and Trainer.
Language: english.



Anna Maria Caponecchi, Rome/Italy
Anna Maria Caponecchi became acquainted with the Feldenkrais method in 1985 while working at the theater. She has been a FELDENKRAIS ® teacher since graduating more than 20 years ago own practice diverse experience in working with adults, infants and children with a wide range of disabilities.
Her empathic teaching style is creative and direct. She appreciates the teamwork and in recent years has made numerous projects with artists and professionals from the fields Psychology, neuropsychiatry performed for children and medicine and midwives. Anna Maria is Educational Director of the IFT Rome, where she has been since 1994 acts as organizer and teacher. As a trainer and assistant trainer, she has taught in Italy, Europe and Japan. Anna Maria is certified as 'Jeremy Krauss Approach'.
Language: english.





Ulrike Apel, Cologne/Germany
Ulrike Apel, Trainer since 2014 and Feldenkrais teacher since 1987 (Munich 1), assistant trainer since 1996.Ground profession as physiotherapist and many years of Feldenkrais teaching in her private practice in Cologne and in Feldenkrais trainings in Europe and South America . Over 16 years she learned with Gabi Yaron, whose creative approach to ATM and FI has shaped her teaching style. For over 12 years ongoing participation in the education of instructors and physiotherapists at College Waldenburg.
Languages: english, german.



Ted Presland, Tübingen/Germany
Ted Presland was born in England and is living in Germany since 1980. He graduated as Feldenkrais practitioner in the Munich 1 Training program (1983-87) and was 1985 one of the founders of the German Feldenkrais Guild. For 16 years he worked as a member of the Euro Tab and is now the vice president of the Etab.Ted was teaching since 1994 as assistant trainer and is since 2012 working as a trainer in many European trainings. Living and practising in Ammerbuch, near Tübingen. He is teaching Advanced trainings, seminars and workshops for different organizations in the field of therapy. He is very experienced in the Feldenkrais work with children with orthopedical and neurological handicaps and as well in the work with musicians and sportspeople.
Languages: english, german.


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