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Meet the Chiemsee Training

You are welcome: 1 day for free as a guest.
People who are interested in the ARTEM International Feldenkrais Training Chiemsee are welcome to enjoy the current training, Chiemsee 9, to get an authentic experience of a full training day, meet with the educational director and trainer Jerry Karzen, and experience the training site. Give us a call (++49 1714023358) or use our contactform and we can tell you when you can best visit.

ARTEM registrationform download

Together with the application form, please send a letter which includes the following information:

Motivation: What you desire for your personal development or career by taking this training?
Experience: What experience(s) you have had with the Feldenkrais Method. Please include any practitioners with whom you have worked, where they are working, and tapes or books or other materials that you have used. (Lack of previous experience will not exclude a prospective student from acceptance).
Educational Background and Personel Interests: Provide a brief history of your educational and work experience. Include experiences pertinent to your life which are non-academic, as well as hobbies or anything else that you feel is important for us to know about you.
Health and medical information: Identify any condition which might affect your ability to participate fully in the program. Include but do not limit yourself to: orthopedic difficulties, respiratory, chronic pain, physical disability, chemical dependence or intolerance and psychiatric disorders.
Letters of recommendation: Please include letters from two persons who are unrelated to you, who know your work habits, strengths and weaknesses, and your ability to carry this program to completion. If you were told about this training by a Feldenkrais Practitioner please include his or her name and where they are practicing. Applicants may also be asked for a brief telephone interview.
2 recent photos(digital or analog).
Application fee: 80 Euro.
You can send your application in English or German.




Please use our contact form or our registration form.












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