The Feldenkrais Method

Learning is what we do, if we don’t know what to do.
(Guy Claxton, Wise up)
We have an innate capacity to learn. As children we curiously find out so many things, completely absorbed in an activity, with all senses. In the beginning we don’t know much, everything is new. Again and again we attentively try new possibilities and: learn! And also have fun!
As adults we seem to know everything already. But the state of not-knowing is a precious moment for learning. Movement is the means.
Most people, at first, find surprising the idea that they can learn to act more efficient and comfortably and at the same time increase their flexibility. And this simply by paying attention to the entire process involved in performing any given movement and exploring the sensations they experience while doing so.
Awareness and movement as the basis of thinking and knowledge are a precondition for every original learning process. In movement we experience knowledge and pass it on, in movement theoretical knowledge and practical know how connect into a learning culture in motion.
During the training you rediscover your own innate, childlike curiosity and improve your capacity to learn by involving every aspect of yourself. The Feldenkrais Training is an investment into the fullness of your own know how and knowledge. Practical and theoretical knowledge about our own learning ability and our potential to act in the world are equally part of cultural basics like reading and writing. Many have already grasped that.
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Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 - 1984)

had expertise in physics, engineering, the martial arts, as well as knowledge in the fields of biomechanics, neurology, physiology and psychology.
He combined this extensive knowledge with rigorous observation of how human behavior and movement patterns relate to our innate capacity to learn and act easily and efficiently. The practical result is the Feldenkrais Method, a unique system of human growth and resource for action.

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