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Moving with Mindfulness - Balancing the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous System - MP3 CD, by Jerry Karzen.
To lead a full and dynamic life, it is important that we are able move between rest and action effortlessly. This sounds so simple, but living the unique stresses of modern life often makes achieving this rest-action balance quite challenging. Some individuals get stuck in the activated mode, and it’s only by forcing their systems to rest through the use of drugs or alcohol can they eventually calm down.
This new program authored by veteran Feldenkrais trainer Jerry Karzen offers participants a pathway to ease the tension that individuals in stressful situations experience. The guided-movement lessons offer a variety of simple, full or partial body movements that can lead to more mindful and ultimately deeply restful moments. The mindful movements can also offer the participants a taste of thought-free experiences such as those cultivated in meditation practices. These lessons can help to reset the way that the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work together, leading to both fuller rest and resilient energy. This is a recording of a live workshop taught over a three-day period, and it includes 13 lessons.
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Originally developed by Jerry Karzen to inspire the students in his Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs to design their own Feldenkrais Method Functional Integration lessons.
This six-lesson program is ideal for Feldenkrais Practioners and Trainees, as well as those involved in dance, pilates, yoga, martial arts and athletics.
These Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons gradually increase flexibility and self organisation in your feet, knees, hip joints, spine, ribs and neck.
Beginning with basic sequences, the movements increase in complexity, leading you to experience a more complete 'body' integration and sense self.
All lessons in this series are done over a low table or bed, with knees on the floor and torso on the table. The table needs to be low enough that the natural arch in the lower back is maintained.
Six 35-45 Minute Lessons on 5 CDs.
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Erin, a young child with cerebral palsy, Learns to Walk Better as Moshe Feldenkrais constructs for her a series of thematically interconnected learning situations.
This particular series of Feldenkrais lessons will be of special interest to Feldenkrais practioners, physical and occupational therapists, and for anyone involved in human locomotion, and in its rehabilitaion.
Five Feldenkrais lessons in Functional Integration with
Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.
Audio Commentary by Jerry Karzen.
Five 45-55 Minute lessons on 5 DVDs.
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